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Harvey Taylor

Crossing The Bridge

Local painter of words Harvey Taylor allows no weakness in the bond between himself and musician Mike Link on this co-produced album. Taylor is most recognizable for his poetry, winning three "Best Poet" awards in the Shepherd Express and publishing over 30 books of poems/sto�ries. However, Taylor is just as prominent a musician, opting here for saucy trumpet solos as a foreground to the bulk of orchestration performed by Link, an ornate composition of keys, ambient sampling and steady beats. Adding to a few tracks are also local folk musician Tom Plutshack on guitar and One Drum's flutist Holly Haebig.

The album might best be described as ultra-chill, lounge electronica, which head�lines jazzy trumpet voicings, world flavors and reggae, funk and blues licks. These are combined with an entrancing, technol�ogy-derived backdrop, which could just as easily be filed with the trip-hop styles of Thievery Corporation or (daringly stated) masters Kruder & Dorfmeister as with more fanciful New Age artists. Whether studying, browsing, or relaxing with your favorite novel, or if you're looking for a companion for a lulling, late-night drive, try Crossing the Bridge.

—Grahm Fons
March 18, 2004

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