About Harvey Taylor

Comments On The Creative Work Of Harvey Taylor

"...Thank you again for your wonderful presentation at the Page to Stage publishing workshop. I got some excellent comments back and I could tell how inspired the poets were by your down to earth advice, and the wonderful example of what you have done in getting your poems out into the world over the years...."
Jean Ross, Milwaukee Public Library

"...Harvey is a creative artist whose expression spans poetry, song, and storytelling for people of all ages and backgrounds. He has performed everywhere from schools to bars to prisons to churches, for children, special audiences, teen-agers, golden-agers , rock n' rollers, longshoremen, college crowds, and the literary elite. He is also a teacher, encouraging, coaxing, squeezing poetry and songs out of the least suspecting...perhaps the reason his work is so compelling and has such immediacy, potency and impact is the passion with which Harvey LIVES his artistic vocation...I think of him as a 'Johnny Appleseed' of the arts�constantly disseminating the essence of what he gleans..."
Barbara Leigh, Milwaukee Public Theater

"...In brief, Mr. Taylor did an outstanding job for us... he was easy to work with in terms of understanding our program design, communicating his ideas, and arranging the details necessary to mutual success. He made a commitment and delivered exactly what we had agreed to...The audience response to Mr. Taylor's workshop presentation confirmed his reputation in the community: first, that he is original, articulate, and a lot of fun. He keeps the audience entertained, stimulates their involvement, and within a single hour can get a diverse group of strangers up and talking to each other in a meaningful way. Harvey showed that he is an accomplished author and musician, and above all a humanitarian. He has the energy to excite an audience, but more importantly, he has the sincerity and insight to get them to think...In closing, I have no hesitation in recommending Harvey Taylor as a speaker, workshop leader, or entertainer..."
Bill Quirmbach, Community Services Coordinator, Milw. Area Technical College

"...Thank you so much for helping us acquire the talents of Harvey Taylor for our 'Celebrating the Language of Life' at Summerfest...Harvey is so cooperative and pleasant...it is good to work with performers who are flexible and can 'go with the flow'..."
Darlyne Berg, Community Outreach Coordinator, Milwaukee Public Television

"...as an ARTREACH-Milwaukee artist, Harvey has served as a free lance teacher and performer in settings that serve people who are elderly, disabled, or receiving treatment. He has done considerable work with people who are severely developmentally disabled, sharing art and music with them...Harvey is thoughtful and gentle in his approach. He always works to find the person behind the disability. He is dependable, resourceful, and committed. In short, he is an important asset to the ARTREACH program..."
Anne O'Meara, Executive Director, ARTREACH-Milwaukee

"...When Harvey performs for us at the Coffee House, he always enchants the audience with his original music and poetry , and adds his own unique touch to other people's material...I also had the good fortune to see him enthrall an audience of high school students, and from the range of his material and his interaction with the audience, would expect him to do well for any type of audience..."
Brett Kemnitz, Food Pantry Benefit Coordinator, 19th Street Coffee House

"...the Creative Writing Workshop that you provided to our institution went exceedingly well...the sessions, the interaction, and the achievement were extremely noteworthy...thank you for your admirable contributions to our educational programming..."
Tom Donovan, Education Director, Waupun Correctional Institution

"...Harvey participated as artist/faculty at ArtsWorld, the University of Wisconsin�Stevens Point summer arts program for high school students...I was truly pleased with his teaching and collaborative efforts in the program. He brought a wealth of information to the student participants as well as his own insightful work that he shared in an assertive, motivating way. The students were inspired to create lively and innovative writing...Harvey participated thoughtfully in the collaborative nature of this program, team-teaching with another poet in a flexible way...I am happy to recommend Harvey Taylor as a teacher and poet..."
Dr. Anne-Bridget Gary, Director, ArtsWorld, UW-Stevens Point

"...Harvey Taylor recently delivered the keynote to an audience of high school writers from around the state during UW-Stevens Point's annual Writers' Workshop, which I direct...I also worked with Harvey during ArtsWorld...he impressed me with his ability to be compassionate, interesting, and stimulating while teaching and responding to the students as a group and as individuals...students responded to Harvey' s enthusiasm and sought out his expertise while planning and rehearsing their collaborative performance pieces; building creative communities is one of Harvey's fortes ,and one of the ways he does this is by encouraging and working in collaboration with other artists...in my experience, Harvey puts himself fully into whatever project he undertakes�conscientiously planning, developing, and organizing the final product, and being wholly present during the process. This is why I asked him to be our featured speaker for the Writers Workshop; I knew Harvey would do a wonderful job, and he did. I recommend him for your program..."
Dr. Donna Decker, Director, UW-Stevens Point Writers' Workshop

'...At our annual Creative Writing Festival, which attracts as many as 800 students and teachers...Harvey Taylor has received excellent evaluations...his workshops are charged with energy, and the students learn willingly from him...he is personable, students are drawn to his sense of commitment...audiences for his performances find the same energy and commitment...teachers as well as students are equally impressed with Harvey's professionalism...anyone looking for a workshop facilitator or a poet who performs his own work with an inimitable style need look no further than Harvey Taylor...
Dr. Dale Ritterbusch, Festival Coordinator, UW -Whitewater

'...Thank you for participating in Roosevelt Middle School Of The Arts' Earth Day celebration. The events were a tremendous hit with the students and staff, making the day a glorious success! Your suggestions and referrals were a big help to me in the planning process...your natural rapport with children (and adults!) is captivating...you perform inspiring poetry and songs...as an audience member of yours for the past couple of years, when I see and hear you perform, I feel like I've gone exploring on a new adventure...I look forward to working with you on future projects...as some students commented, 'I would like to have the man with the expressive voice come back again'..."
Christine McDonald, Chairperson, Earth Day Committee

"...Mr. Taylor, you would make an excellent addition to any cultural program that seeks to present exceptional poets and their work. Additionally, you are as splendid an artist as one could present in an artist-in-residence program. Exposure to you as a writer, performer, and teacher has a lasting effect on students young and old..."
Denise Crumble, Executive Director, Milwaukee Inner-City Arts Council, Inc.

"...for the past nine years Harvey has been presenting poetry and music workshops with the grade school students I've taught at Vieau Elementary and La Escuela Fratney...he has also done workshops for parents and students at our Fratney Family Day, in which students and parents participate together in workshops...he is effective with both adults and children...Harvey is energetic, creative, and very respectful of all children. He is always welcome in my classroom and school...I strongly recommend Harvey Taylor..."
Bob Peterson, Program Implementor, La Escuela Fratney, Milwaukee

"...I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Harvey Taylor during The Amazing Place II, a multicultural program for children...we utilized the talents of several community artists, and Harvey was a primary resource to our program...one of his special skills is integrating music, poetry, and drama ..more than just being a performance artist, I was impressed with the ability that Harvey has in 'connecting' with children...he is a multi-talented artist, performer, and teacher, a dedicated and responsible professional...his wide range of interests and abilities is impressive and was invaluable to our program...I have great respect for him as an artist, colleague, and friend. He receives my highest recommendation..."
Rita Tenorio, Board of Directors, Amazing Place Incorporated, & Wisconsin Teacher of the Year

" ...I have known Harvey Taylor to work with the creative child in people of all ages, and am impressed and confident in his ability to articulate and stimulate the imagination...I am honored to speak on his behalf..."
Cristina Herrera, Educational Coordinator, Walker's Point Center for the Arts

"...Harvey Taylor participated as poet artist-in-residence for a collaborative project between Alveno Campus Elementary School and UW-Milwaukee...he was an important component of this educational experience...he has a calm, reassuring manner with young children...he is performer, motivator, encourager, and instructor as he works with a group...I would endorse Harvey, without reservation, for an artist-in-residency placement. He could be a strong member in a team effort, showing a conscientious, creative, cooperative attitude that would enhance any teaching experience..."
Robin Vande Zande, Kids on Campus' Project Director

" ...we have been very fortunate to have had this time with Harvey. We have learned to appreciate, accept, and understand the feelings and lifestyles of other living things, and cultures...Harvey has enriched all of our lives through the developing and broadening of our love for poetry!"
Denise Wehr, Fifth Grade Teacher, Neeskara School, Milwaukee

" ...like the jewel cut from a rough stone, Harvey Taylor is a splendid role model for children. At an early age, feelings are often drummed out of little boys...Harvey' s playful songs and poems evoke feelings...vivid remembrances...motivating learning through heightened awareness of the imagination..."
Kathleen Giese, Art Educator, Milwaukee Public Schools

"...while Director of Activity Therapy at Shorewood Heights Health Care Center, I had the opportunity to ask Harvey Taylor to work with the residents with Alzheimer's. I was very pleased with his work. His approach is gentle and direct. He was able to reach the residents and captivate their attention with his songs and music, helping them make meaningful contributions and participate at a level which they were individually capable of. Currently, Harvey is doing a poetry writing residency with us at Creative Community living Services, facilitating story-telling and poetry writing with a group of behaviorally-challenged adults with varying levels of developmental disabilities. Again, I am impressed with his ability to include every member of the group, enabling them to tell their own story in their own way..."
Kathy Borgen, Behavior Specialist. CCLS