Take This to Heart

Friends, you might say “I knocked on death’s door” with my totally unexpected heart attack, April 27, 2022.

These songs (along with a few poems) were written and recorded quickly (mainly ‘first takes’) in the aftermath, which was very therapeutically beneficial, often from the perspective of ‘bad news can be good news in disguise.’

Profound gratitude to my wife, Susie Krause, the 911 Dispatcher, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Staff

banjitar/kalimba/trumpet/harmonica etc.
Guy Fiorentini/engineer
Rick Petrie/CD design
htaylor@wi.rr.com, harveytaylor.net, facebook

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Old Souls
Thirteen original songs, wide-ranging in themes and arrangements, enhanced by the musical contributions of Jay Anderson/tenor sax, Linda Binder/violin, Jahmes Finlayson/djembe/talking drum, Holly Haebig/flute, Kelly Meyer/engineer/co-producer/virtual instruments, Peter Roller/slide guitar, Tim Taylor/steel guitar.
Audio for 'Soldiers', 'Every Man Should Be Ashamed', & 'The Tide Is Turning' is incorporated in the videos on the
Video page.

Eight samples...The Rest Of The Band Is On Vacation, Buddies, Old Souls, Everything...& Then Some, All Uphill, Another Step Up The Mountain, Angels Walk The Earth, Standin' Near The Corner

Shepherd Express Review

Here are some favorites from 15 years of trumpet recording adventures.... great gratitude to my many companions on the endless Journey—especially my Father, and his old, dented, tarnished horn I discovered when I was 9, which became my most precious treasure...plus Michael Link, Shelby Keefe, Ali Lubbad, and Tom Plutshack for their contributions to this CD.

Four samples...A Ride On The Magic Carpet, Lucky Me, For Knowing Polly, Solaria, Crossing Paths

Shepherd Express Review

Promises To Keep
A second collection of original compositions featuring trumpet, following Trumpet Tunes—dedicated to my father, Harvey Taylor, Sr, whose dented, tarnished old silver trumpet I found in our San Diego garage long ago, sparking my lifelong trumpet adventure.

Zambo / The Homestretch / Keepin' On
Making Friends With Gravity

Something To Say
The songs are soundboard souvenirs from 19th Street Coffee House gigs over the years: Earth Poets & Musicians, concerts with Holly Wake, numerous Youthaiti benefits, other special occasions... HT's songs/vocals/guitar/Suzuki Q-chord/remixes, & various tracks featuring Holly's vocals/fabulous flute, Jahmes Finlayson's poetic percussion/vocals, KT Rusch's groove-goddess bass, Dena Aronson's vocals/percussion, Emily Mimier's cello, with a cameo by Susie Krause, my partner in Susie & Harvey's Adventures in Song shows ~

Three samples...Something To Say, The Real World, I Like Paying Taxes

Sittin' In
Sittin' In is the third Michael Link/Harvey Taylor CD, following 'Crossing The Bridge' and 'Beat Elementals,' featuring Michael's adventurous electronica wizardry, the launching pad for Harvey's trumpet explorations.

Gumbo Bubblin' / All Hands On Deck

A musical smorgasbord benefitting Wellspring, Wisconsin organic farm and educational center: Steve Cohen, DevaNation, Roman Edirisinghe, Jahmes Finlayson, Heath Johnson, KT's Universal Love Band, Embedded Reporter, Urban Empress, Holly Haebig Wake, and HT (live, with Holly & Jahmes).

sample: Where We Earthlings Dwell

A Story For Scheherazade
...a series of musical meditations
(interspersed with three poems)
centering on the legendary storyteller,
praising her as archetypal artist and
catalyst for transformation
(in the guise of 'entertainer'),
in this profound year of the
'Arab Spring,' inspiration for
the global democracy uprising.
HT's compositions & trumpet,
plus Hamid Alwan, Glenn Asch,
Sadie Benning, Mike Kashou,
Perry Lee, Mike Link, Ali Lubbad,
Julio Pabon,Tom Plutshack,
Tim Taylor, Holly Wake

Even Her Tambourine Tells A Story

Shepherd Express Review

Trumpet Tunes
A collection of 20 (mainly) original compositions, with HT's trumpet featured, along with inspired contributions by Sadie Benning, Tobias Kaemmerer, Mike Link, & Tom Plutshack.

sample: Someone I Really Admire

Concert for YOUTHAITI
This CD documents the 4th annual Concert for YOUTHAITI, a month before dreadful earthquakes devastated Haiti. YOUTHAITI is a non-profit organization that mobilizes human and financial resources to help Haitian young people develop ecological projects in sanitation, water-source protection, community gardening, and reforestation.


Dena Aronson: vocals; Jahmes Tony Finlayson: vocals/percussion/conch; Holly Haebig: vocals/flutes/guitar/conch; KT Rusch: vocals/bass/percussion; Harvey Taylor: vocals/guitar/trumpet/ percussion/conch, editing/CD production.

Two samples: Flesh & Blood, Water

Steppin' Out
Artist/musician Shelby Keefe waved her magic wand, and pulled 12 fascinating 'sound-collage' compositions out of the laptop....Harvey had the good fortune and great pleasure of bringing his trumpet to the party..... the titles tell the story: Steppin' Out -Intro; World Travelers; Miss You, Kauai; Solaria; Movin' & Groovin'; Intrigue; Hemicrania Continua; Charmed, I'm Sure; River Of Reeds; On The Mesa; Groovalactic; Waltz Of The Synthetic Angel; Steppin' Out -Reprise.

sample: Miss You, Kauai

Earth Poets & Musicians - 20th Anniversary Performance 2008 DVD
The 20th anniversay performance, live at the Coffeehouse, featuring Jahmes Tony Finlayson, Louisa Loveridge-Gallas, Holly Haebig, Jeff Poniewaz, Suzanne Rosenblatt, & Harvey Taylor, with special guest, Olde Godsil, from April 19th, 2008.

Three video selections from the performance

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'Round and 'Round We Go
Fourteen songs ranging from 'the depths of a stranger's heart' to tomorrow's headlines, with love songs at the core, featuring musicians Glenn Asch, Scott Finch, Jahmes Tony Finlayson, Holly Haebig, Tobias Kaemmerer, Rich Klein, John Kruth, Julio Pabon, Tom Schwark, Tim Taylor, Una VanDuval, and Sandy Weisto.

sample: Music Can Bring You Back

Shepherd Express Review

Earth Poets & Musicians - 20th Annual 2007 (DVD)
This 20th Annual celebration, live at the Coffee House, features Holly Haebig, Jahmes Tony Finlayson, Suzanne Rosenblatt, & Harvey Taylor, with special guest KT Rusch, from April 21, 2007. Total running time is 1 hour 21 minutes.

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Beat Elementals
Second release by Milwaukee-based studio duo (Mike Link/keys,electronics & programming, Harvey Taylor/trumpet), with guest artists (Holly Haebig/flute & vocal, Michael Sullivan/guitar, Perry Lee/guitar, Tim Taylor/guitar, Glenn Asch/violin & viola and Julio Pabon/didgeridoo). Groove-based tunes with trumpet improvisations, etc, fusing a jazz/blues approach to contemporary electronica. World music influences combine for an eclectic mix.

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Four track sampler

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Points of View
Twenty-five Harvey Taylor poems with musical accompaniment, Points of View features Taylor's trumpet and keyboard and, on various tracks, Dena Aronson, Jahmes Tony Finlayson, Anna Fritz, Holly Haebig, Mike Link, Emily Mimier, Rick Ollman, Julio Pabon, KT Rusch, Michael Sullivan, and Tim Taylor.

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Capital Times (Madison, WI) Review

A Hot Summer Night ~ Holly & Harvey In Concert
Holly Haebig and Harvey Taylor in concert at the 19th Street Coffeehouse, May 20, 2005 with special guests DevaNation (Dena Aronson, Celia, Cherylann Kelly, Jody Miriah, plus Barbara McAfee), Michael Milewski, Kesava Dernovsek, and George Martin.

Shepherd Express Review

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Taking The Whole World Along
Taking The Whole World Along is a collection of instrumentals ('trumpet tunes'), poems-plus-tunes, and voice/guitar plus flute and/or fiddle-mandolin-bass-conga-trumpet songs, featuring Scott Finch, Holly Haebig, Jeff Hinich, Tobias Kaemmerer, John Kruth, Mike Link, Julio Pabon, Tom Schwark, Michael Sullivan, and Una Van DuVal.

samples: A Lonesome Day
Eyes Moving Rapidly

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A Planet Where Flowers Bloom, and Bombs Fall
This double CD incorporates several remixes from Crossing The Bridge, along with new original music, remixes of recordings from several Milwaukee-area bands (Paul Cebar, One Drum, Salt Creek, Love Live Music Collective), and contributions from many musicians (Mike Link, Tobias Kaemmerer, Hamid Alwan, Mike Kashou, Sadie Benning, Tom Plutshack, Steve Wiest, Perry Lee), with Harvey Taylor's spoken words (poems, song lyrics) added to all but one of the 49 tracks.

Stylistically, the music is very diverse, (World/roots/jazz/electronica/gospel/r&b/you name it), and the pieces explore a wide range of themes, from somber meditations on current events, to lighthearted expressions of delight in nature.

sample: The Empire Throws Another Temper Tantrum

sample: Ground-Zero - Survival Stories From Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Shepherd Express Review

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Crossing The Bridge
Crossing The Bridge is a duo project, with Mike Link (keyboards, and various magical devices), and me on trumpet (the return of a childhood involvement, in a much deeper form), with Holly Haebig adding her beautiful flute to one tune, and Tom Plutshack, guitar enhancements on two others, a combination referred to by one poetic soul as "jazzy electronica, with World Music influences..."

Shepherd Express Review

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PoetSongs: A Wisconsin Year in Poetry & Song
Composer/poet Charyl Kneevers Zehfus set twelve poems to music as a Wisconsin cycle of the seasons suite, featuring the included poets, vocalists, and instrumental ensemble; the CD was recorded live at the Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin.
sample: Getting Ready

The Sparks look at News, Weather, & Sports
The Sparks are a poetry performance ensemble consisting of CJ Muchala, Helen Padway, Mara Ptacek, Peggy Rozga, and Phyllis Wax, accompanied musically and poetically on this CD by Harvey Taylor. As the title indicates, the pieces are presented as a poet's-eye view of the news, with Local, National, International, Weather, Food, Life Style, Sports, Editorials, and a Blues Interlude.
sample: My Wife's the Man of the Family

The Girls
Harvey Taylor has been co-composing music for most of 2002 with Bryant Hudson, a musician severely injured in an accident several years ago. The first four of their instrumental songs are available on this CD, with the tunes named after Bryant's daughters, collectively, 'The Girls.'
sample: Dominique

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