A Hot Summer Night - Holly & Harvey In Concert

A Hot Summer Night - Holly & Harvey In ConcertHolly Haebig and Harvey Taylor in concert at the 19th Street Coffeehouse, May 20, 2005 with special guests DevaNation (Dena Aronson, Celia, Cherylann Kelly, Jody Miriah, plus Barbara McAfee), Michael Milewski, Kesava Dernovsek, and George Martin.

Shepherd Express Review.


Pie A La Mode

Simple Joys

Lunceford/G & I Gershwin

'Til It's All Gone

A Scar With A Story To Tell
Traditiional story, adapted by HT, Kesava Dernovsek/flutes

Love Rules
Dena Aronson/drum

My Wife's The Man Of The Family

I'm Saving It For The Jerry Springer Show

Salad Cow

Sunshine & Rain

Over The Rainbow/Harburg/Arlen

Broke & Hungry

10,000 Miles Away
HT/pre-recorded music, poem adapted from C Barks

Poetic Trance/What If...

The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum
George Martin, Kesava, Dena, Cherylann Kelly/drums

A Planet Where Flowers Bloom, and Bombs Fall

Circle Of Spirits
H. Haebig composition/Holly/voc/guitar, with DevaNation: Dena Aronson, Jody Miriah, Cherylann Kelly, and Celia, plus Barbara McAfee

Fill Me Up
H. Haebig/composition

Welcome To My Dream

Listening To The Crickets' Song


What A Wonderful World
Weiss, Thiele