A Planet Where Flowers Bloom, and Bombs Fall

A Planet Where Flowers Bloom, and Bombs Fall

This double CD incorporates several remixes from Crossing The Bridge, along with new original music, remixes of recordings from several Milwaukee-area bands (Paul Cebar, One Drum, Salt Creek, Love Live Music Collective), and contributions from many musicians (Mike Link, Tobias Kaemmerer, Hamid Alwan, Mike Kashou, Sadie Benning, Tom Plutshack, Steve Wiest, Perry Lee), with Harvey Taylor's spoken words (poems, song lyrics) added to all but one of the 49 tracks.

Stylistically, the music is very diverse, (World/roots/jazz/electronica/gospel/r&b/you name it), and the pieces explore a wide range of themes, from somber meditations on current events, to lighthearted expressions of delight in nature.

CD #1

The Dove Of Peace
remix of "Shep's Secret Forest" by One Drum, featuring Jahmes Finlayson/kalimba/vocal, Holly Haebig/flute/vocal; www.onedrum.net

The Empire Throws Another Temper Tantrum
Michael Link/keys, Tobias Kaemmerer/trumpet

Looking Through My Father's Eyes
Michael Link/keys

How Happy They Must Be

Stepping Closer, and Closer

Ground Zero
Michael Link/keys; Julie Enslow, Kristina Paris, Bill Sell, Susa Silvermarie, George Martin, Mara Ptacek, Verdell DeYarman/vocals; https://www.peaceactionwi.org

For A Few Minutes Today
Michael Link/keys

Words Of Wisdom
Bryant Hudson/co-composer

Welcome To My Dream


A Place You Care About
Hamid Alway/dumbek, Mike Kashou/oud

Bombs Fall On Baghdad
Tim Kloss/keys

A War Crime Beyond Comprehension
Work Song" composed by Nat Adderly

In The Middle Of This Nightmare

A Sequence Of Words

Detained At The Border
Sadie Benning/samples/groove

I Just Got Here From The Moon

One Small World
remix of "I Love Soul," by Paul Cebar & The Milwaukeeans (www.paulcebar.com)

We've Been Abducted By Aliens
Michael Link/keys etc

I'm Uncle Sam
remix of "Yoda No Race." by Love Live Music Collective, 'Stringology'

Sunshine & Rain

The 'President' Holds Another 'Press Conference'

This Just In


Paul Revere Rides Again
Jahmes Finlayson/djembe

CD #2

My Father's Flag

Butterfly Blessing

Setting A Good Example
Rev Steve Wiest/harmonica

You Can Believe Everything I Say
remix of 'Echo' by Salt Creek, featuring Colin O 'Brien/banjo, Guy Fiorentini/bass, Steve Wurcer/guitar, Lisa Church/violin; www.saltcreekmusic.com

A Story For Scheherazade
Tom Plutshack/guitars

Clean-Up Time
Perry Lee/guitars, Michael Link/groovemeister

Flora Galora

Scarlet, Yellow, Brown
inspired by N. Scott Momaday; Hal Kacanek/didgeradoo/shofar/flute; www.drhal.net; Holly Haebig/laughter

Time Out Of Mind
Bryant Hudson/music co-composer

Humanity Hanging On A Cross Of Iron

My Father Was A Sailor
'Spiritual,' composed by Josh Haden

Boot Camp

Listening To The Moon

O, Little Town

remix of 'Dimbale', featuring Ya Ya Kambaya/kora/vocal, Thacher Schmid/violin, Love Live Music Collective, 'Stringology'

Broke & Hungry

A Different World


A Planet Where Flowers Bloom, and Bombs Fall

We Dreamers Gather
Michael Link/keys etc, Michael Sullivan/guitar

The Healing Song

Books Of Peace

Listening To The Crickets' Song
Tobias Kaemmerer/trumpet

Flags, Blowing In The Wind