A Story For Scheherazade

A Story For ScheherazadeA series of musical meditations (interspersed with three poems) centering on the legendary storyteller, praising her as archetypal artist and catalyst for transformation (in the guise of 'entertainer'), in this profound year of the 'Arab Spring,' inspiration for the global democracy uprising. HT's compositions & trumpet, plus friends including on this selection...

A Story For Scheherazade
Tom Plutshack/guitar

A Ride On The Magic Carpet
Michael Link/composition

Scheherazades Eyes Tell It All

Ten Thousand Miles Away
adaptation of poem translated by Coleman Barks

The Stories Travel By Caravan
Sadie Benning/sampling/electronica/HT/remix

Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves Cameo
Michael Link/composition, Perry Lee/guitar, Julio Pabon/didgeradoo, HT/remix

A Story For The Longest Night Of The Year
Michael Link/composition, Glenn Asch/violin/viola, HT/remix

A Place You Care About
Hamid Alwan/tabla, Mike Kashou/oud

Another Insane But Very Profitable Outbreak Of Warfare

Courage & Compassion

Even Her Tambourine Tells A Story
Ali Lubbad/composition/guitar/percussion (live), HT/remix

A Story Scheherazade Keeps To Herself
Michael Link/composition, electronica

Scheherazade Crosses Paths With Hafiz At Tahrir Square
adaptation of poem trans. by Daniel Ladinsky

Scheherazade Is An Oasis
Michael Link/composition, Tim Taylor/steel guitar, Holly Haebig Wake, vocal, HT/remix

The Luminosity Of Souls

One More Story That Doesn't Quite End At Dawn
Michael Link/composition

Scheherazade Recycles A Timeless Story

Once Upon A Time