Taking The Whole World Along

Taking The Whole World AlongTaking The Whole World Along is a collection of instrumentals ('trumpet tunes'), poems-plus-tunes, and voice/guitar plus flute and/or fiddle-mandolin-bass-conga-trumpet songs, featuring Scott Finch, Holly Haebig, Jeff Hinich, Tobias Kaemmerer, John Kruth, Mike Link, Julio Pabon, Tom Schwark, Michael Sullivan, and Una Van DuVal.

The Garden Path

Chocolate Chip Cookies & Broccoli


Behind Those Bars Of Steel
John Kruth/mandolin, Tobias Kaemmerer/trumpet, Julio Pabon/congas/didgeradoo, Una Van Dubal/vocal, Scott Finch/bass/engineer

I'm Not Complaining
for Jarvis Masters, www.freejarvis.org

Michael Link/keys/digital wizardry, Michael Sullivan/guitar

Spiritual, composed by Josh Haden

A Lonesome Day
Tom Schwark/mandolin


Taking The Whole World Along

Dirge For The War Dead

Scheherazade Casts Another Spell

Someone I Really Admire

In A Cocoon
Tobias Kaemmerer/trumpet/keys

If I Had Wings

Movin' On

Too Bad

It Was A Very Good Year
Ervin Drake/composer

Round & Round & Round We Go
Holly Haebig/flute

At The Door
Michael Link/keys etc

Eyes Moving Rapidly
Jeff Hinich/banjo