Trumpet Tunes

Trumpet TunesA collection of 20 (mainly) original compositions, with HT's trumpet featured, along with inspired contributions by Sadie Benning, Tobias Kaemmerer, Mike Link, & Tom Plutshack

Eleventh Hour
Michael Link/composition/electronica

The Garden Path

Thirsty Camels
Sadie Benning/composition/sampling

Justice For Jarvis

Crossing Paths
Tobias Kaemmerer/composition/keys

Green Smoothie


What Rick Said Stuck With Me


Someone I Really Admire


The Quest For Peace

Viva Vivaldi!


A Story For Scheherazade
Tom Plutshack/guitar

Agua Dolce

Sittin In
With the Anonymous All-Stars

Happiness Is Contagious
Tom Plutshack/guitar

Water Lily Paradise
For my great friend, Polly Welch Cramer

My Fathers Smile

Playing The Trumpet

It's hard playing the trumpet...
then again, it's hard not playing,
once that sound gets inside you.

I've been playing since I was 9—
with a little 40 year break after high school—
until my father died, 10 years ago.

I brought his old silver trumpet home
from the funeral and soon,
playing the trumpet is all I wanted to do.

A kid, in concert, jazz, and marching bands...
a kid turning into an old man
still fascinated, still yearning—

still playing the trumpet