Listening To The Crickets' Song

Perfectly synchronized with the setting sun,
the first cricket sounds forth, like the first-violin
concertmaster of a symphony orchestra draws
his bow across the strings, establishing tonality,
and soon another cricket, then another joins in, as
the day dims, creating the appropriate ambience
for the nocturnal chorale, distinct parts audible
to a discerning ear, perhaps a variant of the
pentatonic system found cross-culturally, and
possibly cross-species, the cricket song being
the sound-scape for a mating ritual ensuring
that connoisseurs will continue to be enraptured
by the pulsating, throbbing call-&-response
swelling into an all-night-steady-state oratorio,
serenading every blessed summer, in perpetuity,
world without end, amen


Credits: HT/song/voc/guitar, Holly Haebig/magic flute