Old Souls

old soulsThirteen original songs, wide-ranging in themes and arrangements, enhanced by the musical contributions of Jay Anderson/tenor sax, Linda Binder/violin, Jahmes Finlayson/djembe/talking drum, Holly Haebig/flute, Kelly Meyer/engineer/co-producer/virtual instruments, Peter Roller/slide guitar, Tim Taylor/steel guitar.

NOTE: three songs from 'Old Souls' generated videos by Susan Ruggles, and are accessible on the Video page: 'Soldiers', 'Every Man Should Be Ashamed', & 'The Tide Is Turning'.

The Rest Of The Band Is On Vacation

HT/song/vocal/guitar, Peter Roller/slide guitar

Drops Of Water

Planet Of Paradox
Linda Binder/violin

Tim Taylor/steel guitar

All Uphill

Another Step Up The Mountain
HT/song/vocal/banjitar; Kelly Meyer/virtual instruments

Every Man Should Be Ashamed
Linda Binder/violin; Jahmes Finlayson/djembe/talking drum

Angels Walk The Earth
HT/song/vocal/guitar, Tim Taylor/steel guitar

Everything...& Then Some
HT/song/vocal/guitar/synth, Linda Binder/violin, Kelly Meyer/virtual instruments etc

The Tide Is Turning
HT/song/voc/guitar, Jahmes Finlayson/djembe/talking drum, Jay Anderson/tenor sax

Old Souls
HT/song/vocal/guitar/synth, Holly Haebig/flute

Standin' Near The Corner