Points of View

Points of ViewTwenty-five Harvey Taylor poems with musical accompaniment, Points of View HT/compositions/vocals/tumpet/keyboards, also features various tracks, Dena Aronson, Jahmes Tony Finlayson, Anna Fritz, Holly Haebig, Mike Link, Emily Mimier, Rick Ollman, Julio Pabon, KT Rusch, Michael Sullivan, and Tim Taylor.

A Tree, Singing
Anna Fritz/cello

Reverence & Mystery

Haruki Murakami Regards Raymond Carver

Condensing The Dictionary

Michael Link/keys etc, Tim Taylor/steel guitar

They're Still Dancing, By God

The Beachwalkers
Michael Link/keys, etc

Walking With Jean & Gini
Michael Link/keys etc, HT/conch shell/percussion

Bathing Baby Buddha

How Cuba Got Its Name

The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum

All Night, and All Day
Jahmes Finlayson/wind flute, HT/fx

Break The Vicious Cycle
Holly Haebig, Dena Aronson, Jahmes Finlayson, KT Rusch, EmilyMimier/ vocals/percussion, Sandy Weisto/engineer/19th St Coffeehouse

Damn Good

A Lesson From Louis

One With Catnip

Salad Cow


Torturers R Us
Michael Link/keys, Julio Pabon/didgeradoo

Recovering Egomaniac
Michael Link/keys etc, Michael Sullivan/guitar

A Clue
Rick Ollman/flute, HT/drum programming

It Used To Really Bug Me

Another Look At The Blueprint

Blessings & Great Happiness

Snowy Night