'Round & 'Round We Go

'Round & 'Round We GoHarvey Taylor/all instruments, plus those featuring musicians Glenn Asch, Scott Finch, Jahmes Tony Finlayson, Holly Haebig, Tobias Kaemmerer, Rich Klein, John Kruth, Julio Pabon, Tom Schwark, Tim Taylor, Una VanDuval, and Sandy Weisto.

Still Fighting The Fight

If I Had Wings
Tom Schwark/fiddle//mandolin

Behind Those Bars Of Steel
John Kruth/mandolin, Una VanDuval/vocals, Tobias Kaemmerer/trumpet, Julio Pabon/percussion/didgeradoo, Scott Finch/bass/engineering; www.freejarvis.org

The Depths Of A Strangers Heart
Tobias Kaemmerer/trumpet

Valentine's Day
Tim Taylor/steel guitar

All My Loved Ones

Our Day In The Sun

Growing Power
Una VanDuval/vocal

Glenn Asch/violin

Your Brown Nightgown

An Angel With Broken Wings
Rich Klein/accordion

Music Can Bring You Back
Holly Haebig/flute/vocals, Jahmes Finlayson/percussion/vocals, Sandy Weisto/engineer/live/19 St Coffeehouse

Be Nice, Or Leave
Holly Haebig/flute/vocals, Jahmes Finlayson/percussion/vocals, KT Rusch/bass/vocals

'Round & 'Round We Go
Holly Haebig/flute