Concert for YOUTHAITI

Concert for YOUTHAITIThis selection, Flesh & Blood, is from the 4th annual Concert for YOUTHAITI, a month before dreadful earthquakes devastated Haiti. YOUTHAITI is a non-profit organization that mobilizes human and financial resources to help Haitian young people develop ecological projects in sanitation, water-source protection, community gardening, and reforestation.

Harvey Taylor, vocals, guitar; Holly Haebig, vocals, flute; Jahmes Tony Finlayson, vocals, drums, KT Rusch, bass.

I Just Got Here From The Moon

The Earth Is Alive

Pie A La Mode

Costa Rican Blues

Rising Sun

Baby Bumblebees

Express Yourself

Our Day In The Sun

Flesh & Blood

A Scar With A Story To Tell

The Mother Song

Open To Gratitude


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