Solidarity Turns The Tide

Damned clever...
in fact, downright diabolical:
run gigantic deficits by endless borrowing
to finance imperial wars, while minimizing taxes
for corporations and the wealthy,
many of which profit enormously
from these catastrophes, bailing out
corrupt, if not criminal, bankers, along the way,
and subsidizing their bonuses (!)—
correct me, if I'm wrong.

Then, after this looting spree,
when the till is practically tapped out,
nothing remaining but a humongous IOU,
in the form of crushing interest payments on the debt,
state and federal treasuries essentially bankrupted—
then use this carefully crafted so-called 'budget crisis'
to justify all manner of 'rollbacks,'
'service cuts,' 'entitlement reforms,'
'public sector union contract
collective-bargaining renegotiations'...
basically, eliminate or greatly reduce
funding for any programs that actually benefit
anyone not already obscenely rich—
correct me, if I'm wrong.

Well, the class-warfare strategists, pin-striped looters,
and the politicians and judges on their payroll,
almost got away with it...
then, people in Tunisia, and Egypt, and Libya, and
other places that turned out to be not so far away,
started waking up, and taking brave stands, and
setting good examples, activating
the contagious democratic spirit, and soon,
huge numbers of concerned Wisconsin citizens
gathered repeatedly in the cold to resist Walkerism,
the attempt by the billionaire Koch brothers' stooge
to scapegoat workers for fiscal calamity,
that's right, blaming the victims, and in the process,
trying to erase Wisconsin's cherished Progressive tradition—
correct me, if I'm wrong.

Damned clever...
in fact, downright diabolical...
but we're awake, and brave, inspiring others
in struggles yet to come, as we've been inspired—
Solidarity turns the tide—
Solidarity turns the tide—
Solidarity turns the tide

– Harvey Taylor. UW Class of '66 (History major)
International Longshoreman's Association Local 815