live at the 19th Street Coffeehouse, April 25, 2009
Holly Haebig, flute
Jahmes Finlayson, percussion
Harvey Taylor, vocal/guitar/overdubbed conch shell/remix/composition
Sandy Weisto, engineer

The Milwaukee Renaissance

Our Milwaukee is a soulful town...
it's had its share of ups and downs—
now we're trying to get it right,
so all God's children can live in the Light—
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance.

Native Americans gathered wild rice here...
next thing they knew, Germans were brewing beer—
wave after wave of immigrants arrived,
made ourselves at home, worked hard, and thrived—
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance.

Breweries and tanneries provided good pay...
foundries and factories had their day—
now they've just about all faded away,
and we're brainstorming what will take their place—
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance.

We've got big problems, that's for sure...
failing schools, high unemployment: there's no easy cure—
how do we transform a Rust Belt economy
into one grounded in sustainability?

We've got good examples all around...
Growing Power teaches us how to farm in town—
and the splendid Urban Ecology Center
inspires activists, students and mentors—
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance.

Sometimes it's hard to believe in a 'renaissance,'
but I don't speak with nonchalance...
we all have a great opportunity
to contribute to the Greening of our community—
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance.

May the renaissance growing in Milwaukee
spread in all directions, creatively—
yes, may good things keep on happening...
may the renaissance keep on blossoming—
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance.
Take an online tour, see what's going on:
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance...
welcome to the Milwaukee renaissance