Clean-Up Time
It all began innocently...
babies naturally put things
in their mouths, nursing and chewing—
the trouble is, this baby's gotten huge, but
keeps on eating everything in sight,
and by now, he has gargantuan teeth
that rip, crush, and grind up whatever fits
into an orifice rapacious as the deepest pit.

He consumes enormous mountains,
belching gold, silver, coal, and steel,
pissing sulfuric acid, crapping slag...
countless buffalo go in a single gulp,
species after species appetize, then vanish,
vast forests disappear in the frenzy,
colossal quantities of black milk are
sucked from the earth, intoxicating him,
'til he staggers off in search of dessert,
a sweet little something like 'split atoms, a la mode.'

He sneezes, and eons of topsoil blow away,
his sweat drops into ponds, lakes,
rivers, and oceans, poisoning them,
he yawns, and the sky turns gray,
he breaks wind, and ozone dissipates,
his bowels move, and the planet crawls
with herbicide, pesticides, homicides, suicides:

Big-Baby made a big mess.
Now it's clean-up time!

Credits: Perry Lee/composition/guitar, Michael Link/electronica, Harvey Taylor/trumpet