Dead And Alive
Long before it actually happened,
I dreamed that my father died.
Being close friends, as well as family,
It was doubly-painful to recall,
although in the dream, it wasn't traumatic,
for in a face-to-face conversation,
I was telling Dad that he had died—
apparently, he was dead and alive, simultaneously...
that's all I remember, aside
from it being quite matter-of-fact,
as the strange and paradoxical is
ordinary and natural in dreams.

Dead and alive at the same time...
so contrary to my usual perspective—
no wonder I'm drawn to this dream
again and again:
perhaps the evanescent cosmos
conjured when our eyes close
is at least as substantial as what we see
when they're open...
dead and alive—
maybe we've already joined the Ancestors,
as we make breakfast, and go to work...
and maybe they continue to live,
invisibly, among those of us
thinking of ourselves as mortals,
as we change our babies' diapers, and
sing a lullaby