Diamond Eyes, Green Hair, & Polka-Dot Skin
Last night I had the strangest dream...
you know how we can put on and
take off different clothes?
Well, it was kind of like that, except
instead of changing clothes,
I could take my skin off, and put on another one
of a different color, and not just the usual
hues, but any color I wanted to:
purple, orange, sky-blue, and
not just solid colors, but stripes,
plaids, and polka-dots—it was wild!
Not only that: I could change my hair
like you would a wig, just take it off and
replace it with a whole different color and texture.
I put on long, wavy pink hair,
then short, spiky violet hair,
then beautiful green dreadlocks.

Best of all was changing the color of my eyes
by snapping my fingers and saying Shazam!
I experimented with the whole spectrum, before
seriously getting into precious metals and jewels:
I had golden eyes, something like a cat's,
then silver eyes, then one emerald eye and
one ruby eye, which I took turns winking.
I had just tried on my diamond eyes, and was amazed
at how bright and sparkling everything looked—
when the alarm went off.

Well, you know how it is with dreams:
they usually don't last long enough.
They seem so real while they're happening,
I sometimes wonder, after I 'wake up,'
if I haven't actually fallen asleep!
Anyway, one thing's for sure:
after knowing what it's like to have
plus green dreadlocks, and diamond eyes,
I don't think I'll ever see anyone, no matter
what parts of the rainbow they may be,
who looks weird to me