Little Richard's Laugh
Way back in the Fifties, when
he was conjuring the birth of rock & roll
with songs like Tutti Frutti, Rip It Up,
Slippin' & Slidin', and a bunch of others,
Little Richard's laugh was captured,
in all its glory, during a recording session.

It's an unusual laugh,
beautiful as the man himself,
totally uninhibited,
outrageously full of life:
an explosion of delight,
an eruption of hilarity,
an avalanche of ecstasy...

When a friend loaned me the new box-set
containing the hits, plus alternative takes,
those old songs sounded better than ever,
and it was fascinating to hear their evolution.

But Richard's laughter,
when he missed a cue,
sounded best of all:
bright as sunshine,
refreshing as rain,
free as the wind...
a glimpse into another world,
a place where no children starve,
either for food or affection;
no one goes homeless, or friendless;
a place where people would rather
dance than fight, or count money;
and you can play Tutti Frutti
any time you want to,
on that old jukebox
throbbing in your heart