Salad Cow
I love my vegetables, can't get enough,
so I grow a big garden out back:
lettuce, tomatoes, corn, beans, squash, the usual.

Weeds got the jump on me this year, though, and
I finally gave up, started filling my bowl
with anything that's green,
didn't seem to make much difference,
after I drowned it with dressing.

Then I began sprinkling vinegar and oil
directly on the plants, getting on hands and
knees, and chowing down:
grazing is great!
No more dishes to wash, and
silverware, wiping off the table,
and sweeping the floor—

but I've got to remember to tie myself
to the apple tree, with an ample length of rope,
so I don't get carried away, and wander off:
my neighbors get upset when
they catch me browsing
their tiger lilies