The Breezewood Giggles
While traveling the Pennsylvania Turnpike,
my Dad and I got hungry, so we stopped for a bite;
we were chowing down in a fast-food spot,
when we started laughing, and couldn't stop.
We tried everything, even a wiggle,
but nothing worked—we had the Breezewood giggles.
(Talk about losing it—we were beyond lost!)

I don't remember what set us off...
most anything can, when your head is soft;
they say laughter is the best medicine,
and it must be true—I ain't been sick since then.
Yeah, I'm telling you, I've never been so tickled,
as I was that day, with the Breezewood giggles.
(We were totally outta control!)

The place was filled with tourists off a bus,
but they sure didn't inhibit us;
no, we didn't care if we looked uncool...
we were way too busy acting like fools.
Yes, we laughed and laughed, 'til everything jiggled—
we had a terrible case of the Breezewood giggles.
(Nearly died laughing!)

Some might think it ridiculous for two grown men
to put on such an outrageous exhibition,
carrying on like a couple of silly goons,
laughing and laughing, like hyenas and loons,
and I suppose they're absolutely correct—
but I'm no expert on etiquette.

I've heard that lightning never strikes the same place twice...
well, if that's a fact, I'm quite surprised,
because two years later, we were passing through again,
and decided to stop for a quick dinner.
As we ate, our eyes met, and that was the signal
for another round of the Breezewood giggles.
(Aerobic exercise for the funny-bone!)

Yes, before we knew it, we had a laughter attack
even worse than the one two years back;
Dad tried to hide behind a menu,
and I tried to look out the window,
but we kept getting hysterical:
there's no escape from the Breezewood giggles.
(You try it sometime!)

If I could bottle that air, I'd make a billion...
I believe folks would line up by the million—
so, the next time you're cruising the Interstate,
and you see the sign for 'Breezewood, PA,'
pull on over for at least a little...
a little sample of the Breezewood giggles.
(It's good for you!)

Well, I hate to get to the end of this song...
It makes me feel good, so I wish it were longer;
I'm gonna stretch it out, if no one minds...
O, I'm gonna take my sweet time,
'cause I love to put myself smack dab in the middle
of the memory of the Breezewood giggles...
yes, I love to put myself smack dab in the middle
of the memory of the Breezewood giggles